25 November 2016



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Welcome to SDG Music!

SDG is an acronym for the Latin Soli Deo Gloria which means 'to God alone be the glory.' This was the ultimate phrase of the 5 Sola statements which summarised the Christian faith as understood in the Protestant Reformation.

SDG Music is founded on that faith, and exists for the purpose of making disciples among every people, language, tongue, and nation.  Obviously our part in that mission is small, but that is the mission that we are a part of!

Our part in the mission is to take Scripture, and the exposition of Scripture, and to turn it into music that can be used by the Church.  Some of our music is simply for the purpose of assisting in Scripture memory.  Some is for individuals in the Church to use in teaching or exhorting the disciples, or for evangelising unbelievers.  And some (hopefully, someday, the majority) is for use by the Church in corporate worship, when they gather for the Divine Service.

The catalogue of music has been developing since the mid-1970's, but is now (we believe) beginning to ripen for a wider use.  Most of it is not yet on this site, but we hope to be remedying that.  So please feel free to browse, and to come back later, because we hope to be adding more material periodically.


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